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"Good Design is design through experience. To lead the user on a journey through the best experience one must first become a master of the experience itself"

My name is Daniel Pesach, and I design stuff!

I trained as an industrial designer but am passionate about design in general. I submerge myself into the environment and territory and then work my way out using design. This creates passionate deeply connected design solutions that stem from the experiences themselves.

As a designer, we create interfaces with the future. In this age of information and technology, the future is full of opportunities. I am fascinated by the forefront of technology and development, but I believe we must be careful in the future we are creating. It is our responsibility to put the well-being of humanity and the planet as a priority. Through my projects, I emphasize the individual's mind, body, and place in the community and society.


I recently finished my bachelor's in design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Israel.



Daniel Cohen | Pesach


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