Screwless table legs | 42 cm

Allowing for self expression in a world where everything feels the same. I aimed to create furniture that could match the personality of urban dwellers characterized with constant relocating of themselves and their styles, always looking to reinvent, reuse or recycle. I felt these clamp table legs could offer a tranquil base that would compliment any surface of choice.

Originally inspired by the locking mechanism on the seat pole of a bike, the leg itself became the crank of a simple offset mechanism that locks onto the surface board. It was important to me that the locking movement itself would be both fluid and effortless yet inspire confidence in grip.

Prototype: Cast aluminium and poppler wood.

Studio 1 |  Year 02 | H.I.T.

Process: 7 weeks

Push leg into

locked position

Slide clamp

under surface

Repeat with desired

number of legs

Rotate table to

upright position