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Flip! FM Radio

Designed for Poppin™

In this project I designed a radio to match

Poppin, an American furniture and office supplies company. The radio had to suit the aesthetic language of the company both in color and form and also needed to fit with the companies philosophy of bringing "play" into the workplace.

Radios are considered quite archaic and it was a challenge to create a modern design not only in look but in feel. I wanted to create a radio you interact with.

A radio that is fun.

Prototype: 3D printed A.B.S.

Foamed E.V.A and perspex.

Studio 2 | Year 02 | H.I.T.

Process: 7 weeks.


Free to play. Easily scan to the next available channel by flipping the radio to the left or the right. You can also move between presets or skip between songs just by flipping, depending on your mode. The screen and volume buttons adjust themselves depending on the rotation.

This project was not affiliated with poppin

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