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Designed for Leica competition

MYCRO. is a public outdoor microscope designed for the urban arena. Aiming to introduce the microcosmos to young children and empowering them to explore the world around them. 

I wanted to create an opportunity for children from a younger age to explore at  will, any subject of their choosing and most importantly at high quality magnification and focus. I imagined a public microscope as part of a playground, outdoor and in every neighborhood. Available to any child who wanted to pick up a leaf or a stone and understand the world inside it.


This project was a competition winner and was exhibited in Leica Headquarters in Wetlzar, Germany.

Year 03 | Folkwang UDK

Process: 14 weeks.

The interaction scenario is kept as simple as possible. A specimen is placed on the table. While looking through the viewing outlets the magnifcation and focus wheels are rotated. They are over-sized and geared down so as to make precise

movement easier for children who usually exhibit less exact motor capabilities.


The inverted reflected light micro-scope was perfect for this situation because of the way it is built it allows for viewing irregular non flat surfaces, viewing non transparent

object and allow viewing of larger objects. Most importantly this style microscope protects the lenses from collision with the specimen, because all moving parts are beneath the specimen viewing table.



L.e.d and


Viewing Port

This fully functioning inverted reflected light microscope is powered by a solar panel which provide energy to a led for a balanced and clear view offering spectacular optical quality. The viewer can expect brilliantly detailed images with razor sharp contrast. The long lifetime led keeps maintenance to a minimum. The design is compact with no protruding parts so as to offer maximum playground safety. The microscopes stage surface is made of a hard ceramic that makes the stage resistant, even under the most rigorous play. As an alternative to the standard knobs Leica uses Ergosheet rubber to provide a comfortable and secure grip for the focus and magnification drives for even the smallest of hands. 

Magnification Magazine

Solar Panel

Dichroic Mirror

24v Battery