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Human to object interaction has adapted from the purely physical through the mechanical to the electric and then the digital. Everything from Coffee Machines to picture frames now have touch screens. Yet today we stand on the brink of the Holographic Age, where shape and product interaction is no longer dictated by the needs of the physical world. Anything you can imagine can be holographically projected and animated.

Year 03 | Folkwang UDK

Process: 14 weeks.

Next Reality

Designed for Hololens

This project explores the current interaction available with holograms and questions the intuitive way to interact with a product now that all physical limitations have been retracted. Finally, presenting the prototype of a purely gesture-controlled physical product with a holographic interface. The shape and design of the product match the gestures used for its control, making the interaction intuitive and understandable.

The Hololens detects hand movements and translates them into variables that are sent via UDP over Wifi to a NodeMCU module in each product, where they are translated into volume, brightness, on/off commands, etc.

Excerpt from "Rundgang durch den Rundgang"   @Folkwang University of the Arts | YouTube

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