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A DIY Organizer

This project aimed to explore the effects of color on furniture while working within the given restraint of material and dimension.*

Sulam is a ladder-styled rack for beach apparel, inspired by the lifestyles of residents of Tel Aviv, a beach-side city. In such cities as these going to the beach at the end of the day becomes a ritual, an ultimate moment of relaxation and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life. It seems every person has their beach kit ready by the door, ready to be carried off at any

opportunity. Sulam helps to keep beach apparel organized, ready and concentrated in one spot to avoid unnecessary mess.


The construction and assembly of Sulam was planned with beginner DIY in mind. It does not use complicated woodworking methods or cuts and does not require expensive tools. Standard available wood dimensions were considered so as to make construction simple and cheap, thus offering a great organizational solution for the home.

​Sulam offers a place to hang your beach towel. It offers a place for shoes or flip-flops to be kept, a smaller shelf for personal effects, and a hook for a bag. The layered design saves space and is also very easy to fold and store during the winter months. 

The colors of the rack are open to the personal preference of each maker. The colors chosen in this representation are made to reflect the common furniture found with this lifestyle. The solid blocks of color contrast the objects stored on the organizer, which due to their beach nature are often in themselves very colorful. The base structure is a warm yellow. The interactive parts are a contradictory calm gray that contradicts the base and signals interaction to the user.

Year 03 | Folkwang UDK

Process: 7 weeks

Download Plans
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