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After seeing "The Happy Film", a documentary by Austrian Designer Stefan Sagmeister. I  was inspired to create events for designer to get to know each other. We have 4 design schools in the Tel Aviv area but besides occasionally going to an end of the year exhibition there was no camaraderie or collaboration between design students of the different schools. I aimed to change that and together with a group of friends from different schools, we put on events to bring students together and ignite some new friendships. Of course for our first event we got the license and made a free viewing of "The Happy Film" after emailing Sagmeister himself and telling him our plans.

A Collaboration with:                      Gili Levi                            Yael Yissascharov                     Eyal Ben Porat

Dana Zevadi                                  Keshet Migdal                  Tal Cohen                ArtWork by: Asaro Design

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