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The Challenge

A Hackathon is an intense event where people create projects and ventures that solve collaborative problems.

The hackathon opens with a presentation of the challenges that require cracking, and the teams progress from the concept stage to a complete solution, presented at the hackathon’s final event.


A Hackathon is conducted as a competition in which at the end, a team of judges will choose who has developed the best and most appropriate solutions to the challenges

Our challenge: Corona has influenced the city of Jerusalem in many ways, some more apparent than others. We looked for solutions that could help on many levels, from connecting communities to giving employment and even concentrating on sustainability. Scroll down to see what we suggest.

A Collaboration with:       

    Daniella Salonim    

    Raz Karl   

    Roei Alfasi

Our Solution

In huge construction projects there is very little sentiment for the small materials and tools.  many tools and materials get tossed away even if they have not been used till the end.

As explained in the video below, our team suggested collaborating with construction contractors to collect these leftover materials and give them new life in small-scale construction projects together with the community to fix up the neighborhood.

The collaboration, called ASAFTA, (a play on the Hebrew word "to collect") has come far since it was first proposed at this hackathon. Although not under the exact same business plan I now run a small design & construction studio under the same name devoted to reusing and recycling construction materials and working together with the community to build shared spaces.

Check out the Food Rescuer's Center!   A project designed with ASAFTA

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