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Design of Discontent - An online platform of DIY designs hacks and tools for empowering protesters

Kero - Magnetically fixed camping light inspired by old fashioned kerosene lanterns.

SPOTlight  - A Chrome extension designed to spread awareness of IOT gadget’s data privacy and data security profiles.

Mask IR - This filter allows you to conspicuously conceal yourself from Facial Recognition Software by using your phone flashlight

NeXt Reality - An experiment into human interaction with gesture controlled products. Developed with Hololens.

hololens logo.png

MYCRO is a public outdoor microscope designed for the urban arena. Winner at Leica Microsystems design competition.

Sulam - A ladder styled rack for beach apparel, inspired by Tel Aviv lifestyles.

Score Guide - A tool designed for professional glass cutters.

Craft Bottle Design -  A collaboration with the worlds leading glass manufacturer O-I. Winning Proposal at O-I Design Competition.

Concept Glue Gun - Inspired by Naoto Fukasawa.

*Full portfolio can only be viewed in desktop mode

Compono - Screw-less table or stool legs, lets you turn any surface into a furniture. | 42cm

Flip! A tilt sensor controlled radio designed for poppin.™ - An american office supplies company.

Toy Design for Ferrero's Kinder Surprise line.

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